Craftation Friday

I’m test driving my zip top utility tote, ordered from my friend that sells thirty one bags Link is here 🙂 It’s a fun tote that I can put my hooking project in.  My current hooking project…. I’m working on ring garland like I have seen in various places. Using a turning method shared by another […]

No hooking day 4

My wrist started bothering me last week. Thursday it hurt bad enough I didn’t crochet. I’m not on day 4 without hooking. I’m going crazy, because my other craft habit require more set up, more clean up, more attention, more brain activity.  Ugh. 

Phone Lines to Heaven 

Sometimes I wish there was a phone line to heaven. There are times, like now, where I remember things from growing up and I want so badly to talk to her, to communicate with her. I want to talk to her about things, ask her questions. I want her recipe for something. I want to […]

Part of why I say what I say

By no means do I say that I am perfect, but I try my hardest. I treat the people I love the way I want to be treated. Sometimes people may say I’m blunt, or too real; but I am me, and I say what I say in truth and love. So please know if […]


It’s so easy to get caught up in your own life, your own world. What about the people who are there for you, support you, care about you and your world.  It’s so easy to “do your own thing,” but what about those who’s own thing involves your world? What about the person who’s having […]

WIP busting Wednesday 

I finished up the fleece blankets I had started.  And started back on an old WIP.  And I’ve been playing around with that color pooling thing that’s floating around the internet.  And I’ve packaged up my yarn swap.  I’m not going to start a new project (besides the fleece blankets because they take a handful […]

Kindergartener Blues

My big girl started kindergarten this week, Camp Kindergarten on Tuesday (with a third of her class) and first full, real day Thursday.  Each day I’ve cried a little more, and each day there has been a different dynamic at home. Today’s dynamic is the new normal for us. Tuesday my parents were here, so […]