It’s so easy to get caught up in your own life, your own world. What about the people who are there for you, support you, care about you and your world. 

It’s so easy to “do your own thing,” but what about those who’s own thing involves your world? What about the person who’s having a bad day, and really just needs you? What about the person who’s worked hard to keep it together and one day they can’t? Where is the love? 

When someone asks for personal help, have you ever considered that they are proud, and don’t like asking for help? That when they do finally ask for help they might be at their breaking point? 

While you’re sitting there, with all your luxuries surrounding you, what about the person who helped you when you had a hard time? What about the person who stood by your side, even when you were at your worst? 

Is it so hard to look outside of your world and see the other people in it? 


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