I entered 2 crocheted blankets in the fair. At first I was excited, I worked hard and diligently to get my blankets just right. 

Then one didn’t lay square like I wanted to it. I put a border on it anyways and still entered it. It looked less trapezoid-like, but not quite square/rectangular like I had hoped. 

Saturday was drop off day. I saw the lo list of entrants in my categories, I was one of three in both, also, it was in with the same people in both categories. So, one of us will get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I’ve entered blankets in the past and not placed, and, while disheartening, I got good feedback. This time I’m not sure, it feels like (unless other people who hadn’t pre-registered) I’ll place by default.

I was bummed until today, when I realized I get to see if I placed, or what I placed tomorrow. It’s the start of the fair, it’s lasts through Sunday. I’m excited to go, and my husband is taking the day off so we get to go as a family. 

I’m excited to share tomorrow, to share the results. 

Have a great evening/night/morning/day/afternoon. 


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