Settling in

We’ve had the house for a little over 2 weeks, we moved in about a week ago. We are settling into our routine. Last week we had grandparents visiting and helping us get moved in, settled in. We hung stuff on the walls yesterday, painted some walls the day before that. We’d been working on our daughters room and the big upstairs family room we need more of the gray paint, and I got that in the Bay Area, so I’ve requested someone get it and bring it on their next visit up (yes, there’s a Mickey on the wall for now). I still have one more purple wall to paint, but I’m taking a painting break. We did the laundry room before the washing machine and dryer were delivered (that’s a whole different story).  

I miss my friends and family being a hop skip and a jump away. My whole support system is in the Bay Area, I miss them being close. But I enjoy the quiet calm that is our new home. I enjoy doing things to our home, because we can. 


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