How much $&@! Do we have?

Seriously, we have SO MUCH stuff. Yes, we’ve been packing for a month now, well, it’s been all me since the 3rd. 

This week is the last week of school (preschool) and she graduates, there’s bike day, there’s picnic day, there’s graduation day…. All in addition to a very high energy toddler, who’s cute as hell but likes to unpack my packing

 And snuggle. 

And he helps me lock my keys in my trunk, so we soaked some extra vitamin D in the target parking lot while waiting for Grammie to save day! And we are driving up very early Friday morning to see daddy. We miss him, and it’s Father’s Day weekend, so we will get there around the time he’s off on Friday and spend some time with him. Then the house is ours Monday (yay!). 

Until then, if I look like I’ve lost my train of thought, that train derailed a long time ago. Just give me a hug, and tell me it will all be ok, because it will. We’ve worked towards this goal for quite some time, and it’s so close we can taste it. 

Sometimes I might not seem grateful, but I am. In oh so many ways. 


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