6 months ago…

Six months ago I stood up for myself. I have a hard time with confrontation, and an even harder time saying no to people, but I did it. I spent months recovering from it, I wish I was exaggerating, but yes, months. All due to the way I was treated when I did. I was even told that my feelings were wrong by this person… You know, because someone else can tell me what to feel. 

I cut myself off from a handful of friends because of this. I avoided going places. I turned into a hermit for months. Finally, I got over it. I re-entered my social group. I became me again. 

Months it took me to recover. And in one message I got sent backwards in that recovery. All because someone left their phone open and unlocked, and this person has no respect for someone’s privacy. Months. 

Hopefully, since it’s  not the first time around it takes hours, or a couple days, or even a couple weeks. Lord help me, I hope it’s not months again. 


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