5 days without husband

My husband left Saturday afternoon to head to our new city (house isn’t ours yet) to start his new job Monday morning. I’m still scared shitless, but I’ve survived the first 5, with help. At first I was worried that I couldn’t handle it on my own, that I was going to be without help for these 3 weeks. Now I realize, I have help. I have the greatest support system. I’m sad to leave my support system, when it comes time to go there will be plenty of tears shed. 

I was talking to a mom who I randomly helped the day before, we hardly know each other aside from being “so-and-so’s” mom. She offered to help me with my kiddos. She’s got her hands ful herself, and she wants to help me because she knows that what I’m going through has got to be tough. 

Another mom from preschool invited us to the library, and our kids enjoy playing with each other, so I’m sure there will be more play dates in the soon future. 

Sunday I went to two parties. At big parties the other moms helped me keep an eye on my little wanderer. Someone even bathed my daughter for me, just to help me out. 

In this less than fun time, I feel so loved. 

My daughter misses her daddy, and you can tell through her behavior that something is going on. She tells her teachers about our up coming move, but follows it up with, “but my mommy loves me and is doing my birthday early, so my friends can be there.” I’ve lost count of everyone she’s invited, but she’ll have a good one. 

Ooooh!! And good news, our closing date has changed (again) and we get our house 10 days sooner. We will be saving money on Justin’s housing, but I have commitments down here until the 25th (which is My daughter’s birthday party). So, he will have to live in our house alone for almost a week. The date changing actually makes the move easier, since he was flying down and back to make it to her birthday party, he’ll just fly down, and all caravan up together. (The man upstairs has my back.) 

My only major set back is an extremely purple finger, due to a miscalculation in the assassination of a spider in our bathroom. Despite looking broken, X-ray has determined it is not broken. 
Have a blessed day y’all. 


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