Who’s perfect anyways?

I saw you, look at me, look at my son. I saw the look on your face when you whispered to your friend with you. 

My son hates being strapped in to things, especially the shopping cart. He prefers to push the cart, while I chase him through the store. Today I didn’t have time to allow my son the opportunity to get his wiggles out by pushing the cart (yes I’ve seen people look at me funny for that too). I needed to get in, get out, and get going. So we walked into Walmart, I set him in the seat, he began to cry and scream, and I buckled him in (safety first). He screamed the whole way to the back of the store, where they did not have the item I went there for, and around through the front. He cried in the checkout line. That’s where I saw you, with your perfect hair, perfect make up, seemingly perfect life look at me in disgust. Yea, I was wearing no my sweat pants (at least I had pants on), yes my hair was in a sloppy bun/pony tail, yes j wasn’t (and still am not) wearing make up. I had been up since 4 with a screaming child, he’s teething and he’s miserable. What gives you the right to look at me like I’m the scum of the earth. Yes, my son was quite vocal about not wanting to be in the cart, but the way you looked at me I bet you’d have done the same if he was quietly pushing the cart around the store. Making faces, whispering to your friend, pointing at me- what does that do? Does it help me? No. Is my son crying any concern of your own? No. I was calming talking to him all through the store, trying to help him cope and deal with being in the cart. No amount of words would make him happy. 

Lesson of this message is, walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you judge them. I’m not perfect, I’ve judged too soon, and regretted it as well. It’s not my job to judge people, I try not to. I try to give people a chance, to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Ps. I went to baby Tylenol and they didn’t have any. I ran in to target with him asleep in my shoulder and was able to get what I needed. Should have just went there to start with, but Walmart is closer to home. 


One thought on “Who’s perfect anyways?

  1. I hate stupid people. Tatum was an excellent flier even as a baby. She hardly cried and mostly slept. But inevitably on every flight with her, some POS asshole nearby would sigh and roll their eyes as we sat down. It took a lot to not say something really mean to them.


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