House shopping adventure, day 1

Long story short, we are potentially moving 1 state north (dependent on a transfer for my husband). Today, after I got off work, we made our first (of hopefully a few) trip north. We’re 90 minutes from arriving in Bend, OR. 

We are meeting with a realtor in the morning and checking out 7, yes seven, houses tomorrow. Our son is with us, our daughter opted to stay with grandma and go to school Monday. Despite being young, and opinionated he was awake most of the drive, and he was only crabby a short amount of time. He’s sleeping now (I’m jealous). 

We’ve talked about the houses we like, based on their internet appeal. We like the same ones (yay). 

I can’t wait to get to our hotel and get some sleep. I’m a weirdo, and don’t like to sleep in the car for fear that the driver will get sleepy too, and without me being awake to keep him awake, he will fall asleep too. 

Saw some rainbows in our trip, some rain, an elk crossing sign, and Lake Shasta looks full!! 

I’ve done loads of research on what to ask, what to do. We’ve never actually done this before, so it should be interesting to see what of my research is even worth anything. 

Have a blessed night y’all. 
UPDATE: we are in our hotel, got a solid 5 hours. As I finished typing last night, it became my turn to drive so I could not post what I had written. 


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