God showed me his sense of humor today…

Yes, I got up at 5 am. No, I did not feed myself breakfast. I did feed my offspring though, so that punts for something. 

I scrambled to pick up my friend in time, and we made it to church on time successfully. I’m always learning of food people bring because I have a severe food allergy, and I happen to be a fan of breathing. (Disclaimer: my epi pen is in one of several places, diaper bag/ glove box/ purse/ medicine cabinet. I have 1 in each place because I really should go places without one handy, accidents happen)

So I didn’t eat the snacks that were in bible study. Between bible study and church I realized I was hungry, bordering on hangry. 

When the sermon started I saw God’s sense of humor come. It was a sermon about food, after Jesus had fed the 5,000 and was teaching them that he was the key. Our pastor (Tom) even used the word hangry in his sermon.

He brought up a good point I want to share, we have a lot of faith (trust) in the people who prepare our food, to not make up sick/ serve us something we can’t eat/ to cook food that follows in out dietary lifestyle. As someone with a food allergy I get this one, a lot. I’m constantly asking, what kind of oil is this? How did you sweeten this? Is there coconut in this? Are you sure? Can you tell me who made this, I have a question for them. 

I love the little signs God shows. I can’t say next week won’t be a repeat of me not eating breakfast before church, but I may make a bigger effort to feeding myself. 


2 thoughts on “God showed me his sense of humor today…

  1. if you dont get to eat next week, let me know on your way over. We had waffles sitting out and I totally would have brought you one.


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