Cloud watching…

We’re driving down to Disneyland again, this time it’s the four of us. My son isn’t exactly thrilled to be strapped in his car seat, but that’s life. 

I, on the other hand, and riding shotgun watching the clouds. I saw one that had its dukes up to fight another cloud, but there wasn’t one there for it to fight. One was a funky donut, which (as we moved and the wind blew it) turned into a swimmer swimming the butterfly stroke. My favorite one so far has been one that looked like a skull, then an elephant, then a butterfly, and lastly a bow. 

When we left the Bay Area it was raining. Now we’re on highway 5, a little over half way and there’s no rain, it’s warm, and the clouds are amazing. 

Then I sit here, and I remember what someone in my bible study group said, about other perspectives. I’m here, witnessing this beautiful earth created by God, and while situations could be different, they could also be worse. They’re just right for me right now. I’m here to spend this time with my family, my daughter is SO excited, and let’s face it, I am too. I have a web based class to attend this evening, so my husband and daughter are going on a daddy/ daughter date and eating with the Disney characters. My son and I will grab some take out and do some accounting class work.  

   Ooh! And check this out. The San Luis Reservoir, full. Thank you Lord for the rain! 


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