My newest trick?…

I was browsing Instagram one morning and noticed a cool thing one of the people I follow made. So I did a little research, and waited patiently for her tutorial. Here is her tutorial. 

I ordered the tool I needed and started out.   

 This is the first one I made, I used a single crochet, chain 1 on the first row. The secon row I did 3 double crochet in every other chain 1 spot, with a chain 1 in between, at the corners I treated it like any other granny square (3 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet all in the same spot). Next, so third row, I joined an accent color, single crochet in every chain 1 spot, with chain 3 in the middle, at the corners I did single crochet chain 3 single crochet and then chain 3 and moved on to the next spot. Last row I did 3 double crochet in each of the chain 3 spots, doing the same for the corners that I did in the second row. 

Naturally, my daughter decided she needed one, so off  to the craft store for her to chose her fabric (frozen) and her yarn (purple sparkly).  

 Did the same on the very first row as before. For the next row I used a tutorial I found on Pinterest  I think this is it. It is a combination of  double crochet and half trebles. As I was finishing up she decided it needed sparkly white, so I slip stitched and chained 3 around. Always stitching in the same spots. 

Here is my third attempt, I misplace my regular rotary cutter blade, and the beauty of doing this is that you can’t even tell because the edges get rolled under so you can’t tell if I’m sloppy with my scissors.  

 This is the smallest of the three I made, it is for a friends baby shower. I did the same border technique as I used in the first blanket, just with cotton yarn and all one color. I had to trim the fabric, since fleece comes in a 60″ width, to be more baby sized. I ordered 1 yard, and went about making it almost square. 

The other 2 I got 2 yards of fabric, and made larger rectangular blankets. The frozen blanket is the perfect size for my 4 year old, according to her, but I can use it myself (and I’ve seen my husband use it as well). So they’re the perfect snuggle on the couch size. 

I’m debating buy more fleece and using this to use up my stash and putting the blankets on etsy for sale. I’ve read where you can use flannel as well, but with flannel the back side of the fabric is noticeably different, so I’m working the idea around in my head and I’ll post what I come up with. 


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