Date night…

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I got to go on a date. My parents watched the kiddos, and we took off for a few hours. It was great. 

I had a mini panic attack. We went to the local indoor shooting range. We waited out turn, and finally got out lane. It was nice that we were in the “room” of only 6 lanes (as opposed to the room of 18). We set up and I stood back and thought to myself about those random shootings. I thought to myself, what if one of these people decides that they’re going to shoot everyone here. Fuck. I knew I was thinking illogically, but a panic attack is never logical. One of my coping techniques is to remind myself of the truths. The truth of the matter was that everyone here had a gun, so if someone was to go batshit, they’d be stopped before they did too much damage. Another truth was that we all had our IDs checked to even get in, so if someone were to do that they’d be identified in a heartbeat. Just like that, I stopped my panic attack before anyone (besides me) realized I was having one. I went on to be comfortable shooting the guns he brought (I had never shot a handgun before), and was doing decent at hitting near the area I was aiming for. Side note: I’m really glad I double my ear protection with the plugs and over ear thingies, it was not too loud, but close to it with both. 

I had my usual freak outs about driving in the freeway in the rain, which is because the Bay Area is over crowded. 

We had a delicious dinner at a new restaurant, test drive patio furniture at target. I also demonstrated the rarely seen thing of not buying anything on our trip to target (he didn’t believe I could do it). 



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