Need You Now

Plumb- Need You Now
I went to church this morning, they played this amazingly beautiful song during the offering. The pastor shared the background of the song. This song hit home before I knew the story of it, then learning the story I had to share. (The link is above)

This song was written by Plumb, with Luke Sheets and Christa Wells. It draws on her past experiences with panic attacks, and crying out to God for help. Sitting/ hiding in a bathroom quoting scripture (Isaiah 41) to herself. Read more about it here

It’s no secret I’ve struggled with anxiety, but this story hit such a deeper spot in my life. I needed it, and I couldn’t wait to tell a friend about it. With my anxiety and panic attacks there’s been so many times where I ask God to just help me, help me fix it, help me control whatever it was. I now realized that God was helping me, not in the way I was asking, but he was helping me. He helped me cope, he helped me learn to deal with what I can’t control. After all He has a greater plan, more spectacular than I can ever imagine, because that’s what He does- He has a plan and it’s wonderful; I don’t know what it is yet, but I can’t wait. 

As for my friend, I wrote this blog specifically to share with her. And to share with the others who will read this. 

I’m off to go download this song now, it will be on repeat for a while. I don’t cry it as much as I used to, but I do cry out when I’m feeling overwhelmed and need that reminder. 


2 thoughts on “Need You Now

  1. Thanks so much. Sometimes you cry out for an immediate change and relief, when God is actually trying to grow you and change you. I’m a work in progress 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing. We all can use some encouragement and God is well equipped to “help” us along the way and we all need to help lift each other up along the way. Love the song! I will need to download it on my iTunes!


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