My attempt at bullet journaling 

My cousin told me about the bullet journal. So, being an anxious, office supply loving planner I dove in head first. 

I got a (surprise, surprise) grey Leuchtturm1917 from Amazon and browesed Pinterest while I waited for my journal to arrive. Pinterest led to Instagram, which created a monster I’m sure. 

I’ve explored several layouts for weekly and monthly set ups. Here’s this week: 

And this month: 

I’ve even instilled a “Habit Tracker” to hold myself accountable for my “good habits” that are so easy to let slip away. 

Further into my journal I have notes, like a preparing to move section. My favorite section is my “Notable quotables” section. 

I started off like this:

  But it wasn’t working for me. My to do list got moved from one day to the next, and the next. A weekly to do list works so much better for me, because I have 2 kids I can’t always get to my to do list. It’s nice to have a whole week at a glance, and a generalized to do list. I’m even tracking my little mans bottles (we are weaning right now, and I’m learning the whole getting milk thing). 

Some inspiration came from: 

As I figure out more I will post more. This is AMAZING for people with anxiety. It is so helpful to see everything laid out, it works great for school (my current class is BORING) because I see my tasks and hold myself accountable for them. 


2 thoughts on “My attempt at bullet journaling 

  1. I’ve noticed a huge reduction in my anxiety levels since I started using my bullet journal. I no longer worry that I’m going to forget about all those vitally important, keep the family going while I hold down a job type tasks!


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