Sick children… Keep them home

Taking care of sick children Is fucking exhausting. Started with my 4 year old Sunday, dr appointment, crazy high fever, and ER for her Monday, she started feeling better Wednesday. Wednesday is when my 1 year old started to get sick, fever Thursday, Friday, Saturday, mild fever Sunday but we took him to the dr Sunday because he shouldn’t still have a fever. He has RSV, which isn’t medicinally treated.  Monday he’s miserable, fever has finally backed off, coughing like crazy. And today, Tuesday, still coughing like mad and now we’ve introduced this gross poo. He’s whining, miserable, and it’s taking a toll on mommy. 

I know my daughter shared her sickness with my son, but to whoever allowed their sick kid out to share it with my daughter, I’ve got down strong words for you. She had a 104 degree fever, scared the hell out of me and her dr. She didn’t eat for 3 days, she’s only 34.5 lbs that’s tough on her. Then she shared with her brother, he had a 103.8 degree fever. That’s fucking scary in a 1 year old. He doesn’t know he’s miserable because he doesn’t feel good. He just knows he’s uncomfortable and doesn’t know why. 

I kept my sick kids home. I didn’t take them out and expose them to healthy kids. So, please, be a responsible parent and keep your sick kids home. 


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