WIP Friday 

A member of my favorite crochet group shared a post about her WIP, so following suite I am doing the same. 

I have quite a few WIPs in my stash. Some I’ve lost interest in, some I’ve run out of yarn, some I just forgot about, some just aren’t a priority. 

Today I’m sharing my WIP that has been my “work project” I’ve been working on it at work in my down time. 

I had some yarn in my car, a hook in my purse, and found a graph to follow on Pinterest. Started it one day when I had forgot to bring anything to do. I was thankful for my car stash at that point in time. I plan to continue the color pattern and actually make something for myself. Gray is my favorite color after all. 

Link goes to this page http://www.dendennis.nl/patronen/free-patterns-english/free-pattern-batman-snuggle.html. I have to give credit where credit is due. However, and am not stopping where it suggests, I am continuing on and making sown thing big enough for my bed 🙃. 

So… What’s on your hooks? 


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