To judge… Or not to judge…

Ok, so I was at Panera a little bit ago with my 2 monkeys. We had just gotten our food when this woman sat at the table next to ours. Her children were both obviously sick, one much more so than the other. At first I though, why bring your kids here, but that thought disappeared within seconds when I realized that it was not my place to judge this woman. She was there to feed her children, just because one was very sick did not mean that she could ignore the needs/ desires of the other one. We talked a little bit, she had spent almost all night in the emergency room with the smaller,sicker of the two. The younger one ended up coughing until she threw up, and I helped her. Other people were making faces, I helped. Why not, I mean I had extra napkins, I had baby wipes,hell I had a clean shirt for her to wear.

This was a huge “ah-ha moment” for me. I’ve seen this saying before that says, “We are all being judged by someone who doesn’t have their shot together.” I never fully understood that until that moment. In a world where people are constantly judging others, I want to be the kind face. I want to be the smile. I want to be the person who makes someone’s day.

I have no clue who that woman and her girls are, where they’re from, nothing. But I do know that in a place full of judgement I was a smile to her.


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