Not again…

Here I am, me being me. I made somethings for someone as a favor. I didn’t even get a thank you, gee that was nice of you, hey I like it, or even a wow that’s cool but I don’t like it. 

I went out of my way to make something for this person and I got zero recognition. I understand that it’s not about the thank you it’s about being nice. But this is how my being nice cycle starts. I’m nice, generous, go out of my way to do something and people just expect me to do it and keep doing it. 

Maybe it’s my fault? I need to learn how to say no to people. I need to recognize that I’m being used before it gets so far that I feel stuck and can’t back out without being made to be a bad guy. 

Why do I kee finding myself in this situation? Why can’t I say no to people? Why do I bend over backwards for people who won’t lift a finger for me? 



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