Sleep? Where are you?

I know you’re there because I can hear the soft snores of my babies. The youngest is sleep- nursing because we are sharing a bed. So, since mommy is there he may as well use mommy for what he enjoys the most. I’ve been up for 3 hours trying to fall back to sleep. I know my son is asleep because of the snores and the random bites (he doesn’t bite unless he’s playing around or asleep). 

That being said, going to Disneyland with a very active 1 year old is no joke. He screamed through lunch. Poor guy has never spent so much time restricted and unable to be free. We went to the baby center, because I thought it would be conducive of helping him with his wiggles, only to be yelled at multiple times. I understand his frustration, at home he can roam free, he can close and open doors and drawers.  Anything I have within his reach he can play with. I sought out little places where I could set him down so he could roam. Finally dinner was a good meal… We didn’t have to wait for food. Sat down and immediately ate. We also learned that a cup of ice would entertain him. 

My daughter is enjoying this trip and is so thrilled grandma came with us. Grammie and Papa joined us yesterday, with some cousins. She got this adorable second burst of energy. She rode a bunch of rides…. I, however, am not to be trusted apparently. I took her on splash mountain, she thought it was great, until the “splash” part. Her and I went to go on a ride together later, and she decided she didn’t want to go on mommy’s ride. Probably for the best, it was space mountain and I’m still recovering from shoulder surgery. 

Now to find a way to sleep with this little man snuggled up, and the little lady talking in her sleep. 


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