We survived

We made the trek from home to Disneyland… A whopping 6 hour drive (normally) turned into 8. There were tears… Oh the tears… Laughter… Singing… Mostly tears. My son is 1, so strapping him in to his car seat to make the drive was pure torture to him.

Now we lay in bed, nursing. I think he’s making up for the driving. He’s distracted easily and barely nursed today, tonight he’s not letting go. 

Luckily, my 4 year old was easier to distract in the car. She didn’t sleep a wink, but I got these books with a cd for her to “read” in the car on the way (thank you Amazon, for the variety). She’s watching the fireworks out of the hotel window while type. She only whines about it taking too long a few times. 

We will be driving home in the evening, hopefully he’ll sleep most of the way. Maybe she’ll sleep a little. After the fun we’re about to have a ton of fun over the next couple days. 


2 thoughts on “We survived

  1. Ugh, driving a long way with a baby/toddler is such a hard thing sometimes! My second child hated his carseat for weeks after we went to Michigan from Georgia, when he was four months old! And, yep – he nursed a whole lot afterward as well. 😉 Enjoy Disney. 🙂


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