Temperature Blanket 2016

Yesterday I saw an idea to make a temperature blanket…. Like a mood blanket, but based on the temperature each day. 

After some debating undecided to join in! I went shopping and bought my colors today.  I will be using Big Twist Yarn, and so far I have one I Love This Yarn so far, more when I figure out our other weather oddities. 


Then I sat down and decided on the temperature ranges, and asked my daughter if I should start my color rotation from the top or bottom (referring to the temperature range) and she chose the top. 
Now I have to decide on a pattern. There’s 366 days next year (leap year!). So depending on the stitch/ pattern I use this may be HUGE, but that’s ok. 

I may make another color for other weather oddities, like an earthquake, snow (haha), and so on. I’ll do something special to note that I’m not at home, since we plan on going to Disneyland in January, Texas in May, and a couple other places later in the year. 

I can’t wait to start! 


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